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Voting for the ‘who’ or voting for the ‘what’?

Last Updated Mar 26, 2019 at 11:56 am MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — There’s a lot to consider when voting in the upcoming provincial election — but it seems as though there is one issue rising above the rest.


Though early polling shows the UCP leading, one data scientist says the idea Alberta is a socially conservative province may be overstated.

“I think what separates many Conservative voters from people who might be more Progressive, isn’t that they have socially conservative positions — but they really don’t care about those social issue positions,” said Data Scientist John Santos. “They might have socially progressive positions, but because the economy is so important to them, they’re willing to overlook the socially conservative stuff.”

But what about all the dirt the parties are finding on candidates, leading some to resign. Do voters care who they’re voting for as much as what they’re voting for?

“Are these candidate revelations having an impact? I have no doubt they are,” Santos goes on to say.

It turns out it’s hard to gauge whether that’s having an effect this early in the process with the campaign just under a week old.

Albertans will cast their votes in just under three weeks time.