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660 NEWS is Calgary’s only all-news radio station. 660citynews.com gives you access to local, national and international news, business and sports news, upcoming events in the community and much more!


CityNews is Calgary’s newest evening news program with the latest headlines at 6:00 and 11:00 p.m. daily.

News Team
John Bolton Anchor/Traffic john.bolton@rci.rogers.com
Kenny Mason Morning Show Producer & Managing Editor @krmason7 kenny.mason@rci.rogers.com
Kayla Butler National Digital Producer @ButlerKayla kayla.butler@rci.rogers.com
Megan McPhaden Anchor/Reporter @megom8 Megan.McPhaden@rci.rogers.com
Derek Craddock Web Producer @Derek_587 Derek.Craddock@rci.rogers.com
Justin Slimm National Digital Producer @justinslimm justin.slimm@rci.rogers.com
Tim Parent News Director @timparent tim.parent@rci.rogers.com
Kenzie Menzak Anchor/Reporter Kenzie.Menzak@rci.rogers.com
Tara Overholt Anchor/Reporter @CityTara tara.overholt@rci.rogers.com
Steven Seto Anchor/Reporter steven.seto@rci.rogers.com
Whitney Deane Supervising Producer - CityNews
Saif Kaisar Reporter @StaySaif saif.kaisar@rci.rogers.com
Britt Pendergast Anchor Britt.Prendergast@rci.rogers.com
Andrea Montgomery Morning News Anchor @AndreaAndrya Andrea.Montgomery@rci.rogers.com
Allie Miller CityNews Videojournalist @AllieMMiller Allie.Miller@rci.rogers.com
Jared Launchbury Evening Show Editor @660Launch Jared.Launchbury@rci.rogers.com
G Ranna Evening Sports/Traffic Anchor Gagandeep.Ranna@rci.rogers.com
Tom Ross Reporter/Anchor/Sports @Tommy_Slick Tom.Ross@rci.rogers.com
Pete Curtis Afternoon Show Anchor Pete.Curtis@rci.rogers.com
Craig Lester Afternoon Managing Editor & Producer @Hills_Hick craig.lester@rci.rogers.com
Lisa Grant Anchor/Producer lisa.grant@rci.rogers.com
Peter Klein Traffic & Fill-in host for Sportsnet 960 The Fan @primetimeklein Peter.Klein@rci.rogers.com
Kayla Bruch Reporter/Anchor/Producer @KaylaBruch1 kayla.bruch@rci.rogers.com
Todd Kaufman Evening Anchor @tl_kaufman Todd.Kaufman@rci.rogers.com
Mike Blanchard Morning News Anchor Mike.Blanchard@rci.rogers.com
Tanya Blakney Morning Traffic Reporter @TanyaBee16 Tanya.Blakney@rci.rogers.com
Chris Bowen Midday Producer chris.bowen@rci.rogers.com
Crystal Laderas CityNews Videojournalist @CrisLaderas Crystal.Laderas@rci.rogers.com
Jonathan Muma CityNews Videojournalist @jonmuma jonathan.muma@rci.rogers.com
Sandra Prusina Sports/Web Editor/Anchor @sprusina Sandra.Prusina@rci.rogers.com
Trace St. John Afternoon Traffic Reporter Tracy.Garbutt@rci.rogers.com
Mark Strashok Afternoon Anchor mark.strashok@rci.rogers.com
Cindy White Weekend Managing Editor & Anchor/Producer @CindygWhite Cindy.White@rci.rogers.com