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Calgary Firefighters Association 'concerned' following protest at City Hall

Calgary first responders can be seen locking arms in solidarity as they protest the city mandating vaccines for all City employees. CREDIT: @JaneQCitizen/Twitter

CALGARY — The Calgary Firefighters Association says it is concerned that groups protesting public health measures have referenced having the support of firefighters and first responders.

Earlier this week, a group held a protest outside of Calgary’s Municipal Building, opposing the City mandating vaccines for all City employees.

Dozens of first responders protest mandatory vaccines for city employees

One by one, participants could be seen touching the firefighter’s memorial.

In a series of tweets, the Association says it does not in any way endorse these groups or affiliate with them.

“Vaccinations are a vital part of keeping our members, our families and the public safe. 85% of our members are vaccinated and we will continue to advocate for vaccinations.”