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'She embodies Billie Jean King': Closer look at upcoming Christine Sinclair documentary

Last Updated Sep 6, 2021 at 8:22 am MDT

Concacaf Women's Olympic Qualifying Championshipr4 February 2020 - Edinburg, TX, USArCanada Soccer by MexsportrrChristine Sinclair goal celebration (with Nichelle Prince, Desiree Scott, Gabrielle Carle)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — She’s one of the most accomplished Canadian athletes, and soon, she’ll be heading to a screen near you.

Filming of “SINC”: The Christine Sinclair Story is set for this fall, with a release date of next year.

“Her story has been on the radar since the beginning, believe it or not, because she has such an incredible story,” Karen Volden, vice president of production for UNINTERRUPTED Canada, explained to 660 NEWS. “She brings such authenticity and leadership, and these are the prime examples of stories that we are drawn to.

“I think she’s used her skills to put Canadian soccer on the world stage. And we wanted to champion her extraordinary journey.”

And, of course, one of those accomplishments is a recent Olympic gold medal, which is a cherry on top of an already storied career.

“We knew right when we started that she was a story we wanted to tell,” Volden added. “We were doing this story before her gold medal win. She’s already won a college championship, NWSL championship, Olympic medallist, Concacaf champion. It’s such a great ending to the story. That she wins a gold medal, it fell into our laps.”

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When news about the documentary came out a few weeks ago, social media was buzzing, with fans wondering why someone like Sinclair, who is known to be private and reserved, would want to be followed around by a camera crew.

“She is a private person, and more than anything, she’s very modest about her accomplishments,” Volden said. “But, I think she’s looking over her career, and she realizes that she wants to use her voice and empower girls and women to pursue their own dreams, whatever they are.

“I think she embodies Billie Jean King who once said, “You have to see it to be it.” And I think she also understands that from research, young teen girls, there’s a huge drop off in them continuing in sports in part because they don’t see a future in it.

“With trailblazers like Billie Jean King and now with Christine Sinclair, I think they lead by example and demonstrate there is a future in sport.”

“SINC”: The Christine Sinclair Story will be available on CRAVE, with a potential limited theatrical release.