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'An honour every single time': Calgary's Meghan Mahon ready for Paralympics

Last Updated Aug 18, 2021 at 1:10 pm MDT

Meghan Mahon (supplied image via press kit)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The winding goalball journey for Meghan Mahon is making a stop in Japan, and the Calgarian is hoping it’s a lengthy stay.

“It’s been a long five years,” Mahon, who is taking part in her second Paralympics, recently told 660 NEWS. “A lot of people don’t really think about the time that it takes between Paralympic Games, between Rio and now — it’s not just a year that we prepare. It’s the full four, with this year being five.

“Obviously, the last year was extremely unpredictable and unconventional, but we really feel that we’ve used this last year to tune our preparation and be the best-prepared team we can be, mentally and physically.”

Even though she’s just 25, Mahon has already travelled the world, filling up her cabinet with plenty of trophies, including two International Blind Sports Federation world championships.

But there’s definitely room for a Paralympic gold medal in there.

“Putting that jersey on and wearing the Maple Leaf, wearing Canada across your back, is an honour every single time,” she described. “Going into the Games this time, we’ve really, really worked at being one of the closest teams with the commitment we have to each other and the bonds we have with one another that Canadian women’s goalball hasn’t seen in a very long time.”

Goalball is unique. It’s for the blind and visually impaired, and it’s one of the only sports in the Paralympics that doesn’t have an able-bodied comparison.

“Athletes play wearing completely blacked-out eyeshades, so no matter your level of vision, everyone is on an equal playing field,” Mahon, who has just 10 per cent of her vision, explained.

Goalball action in Japan begins on Aug. 25, and you can find the schedule here.

The Canadian women’s team has won two gold medals at the Paralympics in 2000 and 2004.