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Alberta Ghostbusters group getting boost from new movie

Last Updated Jul 28, 2021 at 4:19 pm MDT

Alberta Ghostbusters

CALGARY – The new movie Ghostbusters: Afterlife could inject some new life into a local group that helps kids.

Alberta Ghostbusters, an organized group of superfans, dress up in all the gear and raise funds for the province’s children’s hospitals.

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Dustin Milne with the non-profit says now that things are opening up again, the new movie is helping drum up more interest.

“Here we are, you know, a year later and I haven’t even met some of these new members,” he said.

“We’re definitely starting to see more interest today, especially with a trailer coming out.”

Milne also says the group is looking forward to getting back to what it missed the most over the pandemic–collecting cash for sick kids.

“I know for all of us we missed doing the events and we mostly miss seeing the kids faces at comic expos, you know, light up when they see us Ghostbusters or hearing some kid from across the hall yell ‘Ghostbusters!’ and just run towards us,” Milne said.

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“Raising money obviously is a great byproduct of it but just the fact that we get to do stuff like that give back to the community in a group where we dressed up as Ghostbusters and are really just fans of the movie, you know it’s special to all of us so to get back there and get it going is going to be great.”

Milne says they actually helped out on the movie, which was shot here in Alberta, including giving advice on the props, serving as extras, and some other things they can’t tell us about until the film comes out.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife hits theatres in November.