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Homeschooling in Alberta gaining popularity thanks to pandemic: association

Last Updated Jul 27, 2021 at 9:47 am MDT

Child doing homework and writing story essay. Elementary or primary school class. Closeup of hands and colorful pencils. (CREDIT: iStock)

CALGARY – Homeschooling in Alberta tripled last year because of the pandemic, and many parents are opting to stick with it.

Judy Arnall, the president of the Alberta Homeschooling Association, says many parents choosing to homeschool this year wanted to switch in the middle of last year.

Parents were finding online wasn’t working well for their kids.

She also says the provincial funding model of doling out cash one year at a time is out of date and not helpful to parents looking to make a change.

“We may have to look at the funding model, maybe fund education on a monthly basis because a year is a long time to wait when your child is unhappy,” said Arnall.

“It’s just not appropriate in this day and age where parents have lots of choices. Every other industry is adapting–grocery stores are offering online shopping and in-person shopping. And I think the school system really needs to change to offer more choices for parents.”

She says they expect continued growth this year, but not the same rate as was seen in 2020.