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With more high temps, are wildfires and mid-summer smoke coming?

Last Updated Jul 14, 2021 at 7:55 am MDT

Wildfire smoke envelops Calgary's downtown core. Friday, May 31st, 2019. (PHOTO: Tom Ross, 660 NEWS)

CALGARY — Environment and Climate Change Canada says July and August are typically when we start to see the effects of wildfire smoke in Alberta — but we have yet to be hit with the haze we’ve seen in years past.

With heatwaves blanketing much of western Canada a few weeks ago, and more coming this week, could dry conditions and wildfires across Alberta and B.C. bring that dreaded mid-summer smoke?

“It really depends on how many fires get started and how the winds blow the smoke around whether or not we get a lot of smoke days or smoke hours,” said Environment Canada Meteorologist Alysa Pederson.


Pederson says Calgary’s air quality health index isn’t very high — at least for now.

“As we move into later in this week, winds are expected to shift from the west and we could be getting some more smoke coming in from southern B.C.”

Environment Canada says our air quality is expected to shift between low and moderate risk on Tuesday and Wednesday — as of Tuesday night, the city was at level four, or moderate risk.

Should the air quality health index rise, Pederson says make plans to stay indoors and limit activity outside.

She adds to make sure to pay close attention to those around you who have asthma or other health conditions.

For more details on who is at risk, and what you should watch for should air quality get worse, click here.