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Alberta cabinet minister says daughter was attacked in broad daylight in downtown Calgary

Last Updated Jun 26, 2021 at 12:41 pm MDT

Spring has arrived in Calgary, but the city remains quiet amid the COVID-19 pandemic as Stephen Avenue and other major streets are largely vacant from pedestrians and traffic. Thursday, Mar. 18, 2021. (PHOTO: Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Minister of community and social services Rajan Sawhney says her 25-year-old daughter was allegedly attacked in Calgary Friday in broad daylight.

Minister Sawhney says the attack happened on Stephen Avenue near her daughter’s office.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the minister says her daughter was grabbed, pushed, sworn at, and chased down the sidewalk.

“My daughter ran and stood next to two strangers. The attacker followed and kept screaming at her and pushed her again,” the statement reads.

“No bystanders stepped in to help until it was over. My daughter wasn’t physically hurt but is obviously shaken and so am I.”

“I am outraged, saddened and disgusted at the same time as I have been with every single attack on racialized women that has occurred in recent month,” said Minister Sawhney in a Twitter post.

Premier Jason Kenney speaking out Friday evening saying, “This is profoundly wrong.”

“Another deeply disturbing hate-motivated attack on a young Alberta woman from a visible minority background.”

“Hate crimes like this are a vile attack not only on innocent individuals but on the cohesion and safety of our entire society.”

This comes as one woman was attacked in St. Albert because she was seen wearing a hijab. The woman was pushed to the ground and was knocked unconscious.

Minister Sawhney says she is now more motivated than ever to ensure women can walk in public without fear of being attacked.