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Police looking for suspect in Feb. hate crime

Last Updated May 27, 2021 at 8:48 pm MDT

CALGARY – Police are just now releasing details of a shocking racist attack in northeast Calgary this past February.

On Feb. 11, Tianna Hay was about to enter a Dollarama on Temple Drive when she stepped aside to allow a man to enter first.

The man spat on her without being provoked and called her a racial slur.

“In the worst possible way, I was racially targetted simply because of the dark brown complexion of my skin,” Hay said.

WATCH: Tianna Hay speaks about the day where she was spat on and called racial slurs while entering a local Dollarama.

Hay says she hasn’t been able to get the image of the man out of her head — or the sound of his voice.

“This time replays in my mind over, and over again, making me question what I did wrong to deserve such a violation.”

She says this incident has made heading to her local grocery store an impossible task — saying she needs a close family member or friend to join her.

A sample of the saliva from the woman’s clothing was submitted to the DNA lab in hopes of obtaining a match but police are still waiting for results.

They’ve also released security camera footage of a possible suspect.

Anyone with information on the incident is being asked to contact police.