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Texting app helps Albertans find vaccination sites

EDMONTON (CityNews) – Millennials were up early trying to book COVID-19 vaccines as they opened to anyone born before 1991.

By 1p.m. 100,000 appointment were booked.

But the issue many were facing, was trying to figuring out what’s closest to you, a pharmacy or an Alberta Health Services clinic. It can be daunting with a long list of locations and that’s why one tech company says just text your postal code, and they’ll tell you.

“We kinda just built this tool, to help a few people,” said Zain Manji with Lazer Technology.

And from wanting to help a few, he’s helped over 100,000.

The program was launched in Ontario first, only hours after Manji and his business partner saw a similar program in the United States.

“We asked ourselves, is this in Canada? why isn’t it in Canada? how long would it take to build it? and we realized it would only take a few hours for us to build,” he explained.

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Taking a few more hours to build for B.C., and then Alberta.

Lazer Technologies is taking on all the costs, payment for now is vaccine selfies and knowing they helped.