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Whistle Stop Café shut down by AHS after multiple health violations

Last Updated May 5, 2021 at 12:58 pm MDT

A lock seen on the door of Whistle Stop Cafe in Mirror AB. (Credit: Rod Maldaner, CityNews)

RED DEER (660 NEWS) – Alberta Health Services (AHS) have taken measures into their own hands and have physically shut down the Whistle Stop Café in the hamlet of Mirror after the owner did not comply with proper health restrictions.

For many weeks, AHS says they tried to work with the operator and property owner of the café to fix the ongoing health concerns, but the attempts have failed.

The steps to fix the issues included an order to close the café after the operator did not comply with the restrictions set out by the Chief Medical Officer of Health, a suspension of the operator’s food handling permit as well as a full closure order of the facility, among others.

Despite the multiple attempts from AHS, the owner has chosen not to follow the mandatory health restrictions and will not be allowed access to the building until proper health protocols are followed.

Since Jan 1, 413 complaints about the café have been sent to AHS. Health inspectors conducted multiple inspections at the site and violations were found during each visit.

With COVID-19 cases rising throughout the province, AHS says there is an urgent need to minimize the spread to protect everyone.