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'There will be something that feels like Stampede': Nenshi hopeful more will come with this year's Stampede

Last Updated May 3, 2021 at 7:14 pm MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — As cases continue to rise in Alberta, some have been wondering if there’s any chance the Calgary Stampede goes ahead, or if it will be cancelled for a second straight year.

The show is set to run from July 9 to 18, and while Mayor Naheed Nenshi is optimistic, he believes a lot needs to get done well ahead of time.

“For an organization like the Stampede, it’s not like they can make a decision on Friday but the Stampede will open on Monday,” Nenshi said. “So, I really feel for the folks at the Stampede because they’re really trying to make a decision based on, at best, imperfect data right now.”

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And while things are still inconclusive at this time, Nenshi is hopeful there will at least be something to look forward to.

“I think I can say with some confidence there will be something that feels like a Stampede,” he said. “Even last year, in the height of all of this, we still had drive-up pancake breakfasts and fireworks a few nights of the period, so there’ll be something, it’ll be more than last year, I just have no idea what that will look like now.”

The Stampede has stated they are committed to hosting the best and safest event and continue to work with various levels of government and health officials on specific safety measures.