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Edmontonian finding new life for old video games

EDMONTON (CityNews) – As more people have been staying home through the pandemic, video games are seeing more play, and consoles are likely getting upgraded.

If you’ve upgraded your console, you might have an old one gathering dust and an Edmonton man recently made it his quest to connect them with those in need.

“Ironically I haven’t touched my video games for about a month because I’ve been too busy doing other things,” explained Aaron Hoyland.

Spring cleaning and unused games lead Hoyland to ask his Twitter followers, what organizations could play with a used console.

“I was inundated with responses. I think I had 20 or so organizations, which was great, but I didn’t have 20 consoles to give,” Hoyland explained.

So he put the call out. Spending the last month collecting dozens of consoles, and hundreds of game around Edmonton. Cleaning them up, and connecting them with the charities suggested.

“It’s one thing to be at home. But its another to be at home with a child who has nothing to do,” said Rwema Kibibi, Hub worker at C5 Northeast Hub.

Kibibi knows the difference the consoles will make for the families struggling during the pandemic and giving kids something to do at home, when options in the community are limited because of COVID-19.

Early in the pandemic, they connected computers with those in need, by donation.

“I really appreciate how Edmontonians are so generous, and they come together … and live in a community where those that have, share with those that do not,” explained Kibibi.

For families in need, kids with chronic illnesses and shelters, Hoyland says he’s proud of Edmontons’ large response and will be doing his first drop-off on Friday.

“I expect a lot of smiling faces, it’s been a rough time the last little while, and I think we could all use that,” said Hoyland.