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Woman arrested in hate-motivated attack at Prince's Island Park in Calgary

Last Updated Mar 22, 2021 at 10:11 am MDT

Editor’s note: Content in this article may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised. 


CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A 28-year old woman is facing several assault-related charges in what appears to be a racially-motivated attack.

Police said it happened at Prince’s Island Park on Sunday afternoon when two women wearing Muslim garb were approached by another woman, who began screaming at them. They tried to walk away from the woman, but she followed them, hurling racially motivated slurs.

Officers said the attacker then pushed one of the victims, tore her hijab, and punched and kicked her in the stomach.

Two men, who are believed to have been with the suspect, intervened and the two women were able to leave the area.

Police are also looking for a Good Samaritan who witnessed the incident and stayed with the victims until investigators arrived.

With the HAWCS, officers found and arrested the suspect a short while later.

The woman has been charged with common assault, mischief and causing a disturbance in public.

Police believe this attack is not related to the protests held nearby over the weekend.

A video and photo have surfaced on Reddit from an anti-mask protest at Prince’s Island Park appearing to show a man wearing a t-shirt saying “Proud White Christian Man” punching a counter-protester in a wheelchair.

Ok, I posted a photo yesterday (and deleted) about the violent Nazi, y’all went nuts about how it was a fake/staged story. Turns out the photo was a Live Photo. So here’s a bud Here you go r/Calgary, stay toxic! Case#CA21102980 from Calgary

Police have released a statement in regards to the weekend protests saying they condemn actions of racism and hate but do not have the powers to arrest those engaged in objectionable or questionable activities.

“Our enforcement of hate speech and related symbols is limited by the Criminal Code of Canada,” the statement reads. “Unless something communicated in public is likely to directly cause a breach of the peace, it is extremely rare for even the most offensive views to meet the legal threshold for criminal charges.”

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the assault on the two women on Sunday to contact Calgary police or Crime Stoppers.


With files from Jo Horwood, CityNews