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Calgarian pleads with City to keep pedestrians safe on icy pathways

Last Updated Jan 19, 2021 at 8:16 am MDT

CALGARY (CityNews) – One Calgarian is calling on the City to do more to keep pedestrians safe after helping a woman with mobility issues across the icy streets.

All this after city council hopes to update their snow clearing strategy.

“It was completely covered. It was a sheet of ice. “There’s no way for a wheelchair to access this.”

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Randy who asked CityNews to remain anonymous, said he noticed an elderly woman trying to navigate the bank of snow and icy paths by the Dairy Queen in Forest Lawn.

“She was trying to cautiously walk from Dairy Queen to the point she had to cross the street with her cane and I assisted her.”

This situation prompted him to call 311 to report the unsafe sidewalk.

“Bylaw, within five minutes, called me and (she) said I’m already here and she couldn’t walk with her shoes. She had to walk with ice crampons.”

About 24 hours after Randy called 311, the sidewalks were partially cleared, but not completely. Parts are still covered in ice and Randy worries a nearby pile of snow will melt into a sheet of ice causing more headaches for pedestrians.

“They can’t put a band-aid job and just do 50 per cent, it’s just not fair.”

In a statement to CityNews, the City of Calgary said “commercial and residential property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice on pathways adjacent to their property. The fine for not complying could go as high as $750.”

But Randy said he wants to see more from the City when it comes to clearing intersections, crosswalks and sidewalks, especially for people like the woman he tried to help navigate the icy sidewalks on her everyday walk.

“(Let’s) just say she wiped out. She would take up a bed in the ICU. The City should step up and do their part in cleaning in addition to private businesses.”