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Alberta country stars fight Rocky Mountain coal mines

Paul Brandt performs at the Canadian Country Music Awards in Calgary on September 8, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – One Alberta Country star is getting backing from another in his battle against coal mining.

READ MORE: Alberta musician Corb Lund comes out against proposed coal mines in Rocky Mountains

Paul Brandt says Corb Lund is right — this is a big deal and a bad deal.

Lund has come out in opposition to the province’s move to allow coal mines in the Rocky Mountains.

The UCP government revoked a 1976 policy that kept the mines out of the mountains and eastern slopes.

On Twitter, Brandt expresses worry about the possible effects on the waterways and says he hopes the government listens.

He says we can’t put short-sighted economic benefit ahead of long-term consequences that could devastate our people and land for generations.