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Harnett lived with 'a lot of joy', says former CPS partner

Photo of Calgary Police officer Sgt. Andrew Harnett. (Photo provided by Calgary Police Service).

CALGARY (CityNews) – As hundreds gathered on the streets of Calgary to pay their respects to Calgary Police sergeant Andrew Harnett, the officer killed on new year’s eve while conducting a traffic stop, his former partner is remembering her time with Harnett.

Constable Jessica McRitchie had Harnett as her first partner when she joined the CPS in 2010.

“When you’re partners with someone you go through meaningful things. You spend 12-hour shifts with them. He was my first partner. I’m very sad for his wife,” said McRitchie.

“It’s been 20 years since we’ve lost a police officer and you forget it can happen. It’s really horrible.”

Learning of her former partner’s death has left her speechless, shocked, and saddened.

But she says she’ll remember Harnett in a positive light.

“Andy called himself ‘Hardcore Harnett.’ Like, who nicknames themselves that? He was someone who lived life 110 per cent all the time and he took a lot of joy with his lopsided smile. I hope people can live like that,” she said.

“I’m proud to stand with people who knew him, who didn’t know him, and with citizens of Calgary,” added McRitchie.