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Thirty incidents of COVID-19 on Calgary flights in one week

Last Updated Nov 29, 2020 at 7:55 pm MDT

CALGARY (CityNews) – Within just one week of reporting from the Government of Canada, Calgary’s airport has seen thirty flights carrying confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Edmonton reported only three in the same time frame.

International flights saw a drastic spike in Calgary, with more reports of positive cases on flights from November 18 to 26 than was reported for the entire month of October.

In a single week, Calgary saw 17 domestic flights and 13 international flights with confirmed cases.

Some days were clear of any affected flights through the province, while others saw up to seven a day.

A full list of affected flights is below.

All passengers on flights with confirmed cases of COVID-19 are advised to self-monitor for symptoms.



November 18:

WestJet WS126 – Vancouver to Calgary (rows 1-6)

WestJet WS3254 – Calgary to Saskatoon (rows unknown)

WestJet WS3270 – Calgary to Regina (rows unknown)

Canadian North Airlines 5T1763 – Fort MacKay/Albian to Edmonton (rows unknown)

Air Canada AC202 – Vancouver to Calgary (rows 13-19)


November 19:

WestJet WS652 – Calgary to Toronto (rows 1-5)

WestJet WS3179 – Calgary to Grande Prairie (rows 16-19, 24-30)

Air Canada AC225 – Calgary to Vancouver (rows 13-19)

Air Canada AC178 – Edmonton to Toronto (rows unknown)

Air Canada AC140 – Calgary to Toronto (rows 18-21)


November 20:

WestJet WS3171 – Calgary to Comox (rows 3-9)

WestJet WS119 – Calgary to Vancouver (rows 4-10)

WestJet WS3144 – Fort McMurray to Calgary (rows unknown)

Flair Airlines F8102 – Calgary to Vancouver (rows 9-15)


November 23:

WestJet WS669 – Toronto to Calgary (rows 5-11)

WestJet WS658 – Calgary to Toronto (rows 1-7)

WestJet WS3349 – Edmonton to Victoria (rows 8-14)

Air Canada AC144 – Calgary to Toronto (rows unknown)


November 24:

Air Canada AC317 – Montreal to Calgary (rows unknown)

Air Canada AC318 – Calgary to Montreal (rows unknown)



November 18:

United Airlines UA5388 – Denver to Calgary (rows 14-22)

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KL677 – Amsterdam to Calgary (rows 22-28)


November 19:

WestJet WS1403 – Phoenix to Calgary (rows 24-29)

American Airlines AA3839 – Dallas to Calgary (rows 7-13, 16-22)


November 20:

WestJet WS1511/DL7179 – Los Angeles to Calgary (rows 2-8)

American Airlines AA3839 – Dallas to Calgary (rows unknown)


November 21:

WestJet WS2313 – Cancun to Calgary (rows 22-28)

United Airlines UA5388 – Denver to Calgary (rows 4-10)


November 22:

WestJet WS2311 – Cancun to Calgary (rows 1-15)

WestJet WS1403 – Phoenix to Calgary (rows 7-13)

United Airlines UA5388 – Denver to Calgary (rows 15-21)


November 23:

United Airlines UA5388 – Denver to Calgary (rows 17-23)


November 24:

Delta DL4051 – Minneapolis to Calgary (rows 7-13)