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Enjoy the weekend safely, as COVID-19 restrictions increase

Last Updated Nov 27, 2020 at 4:51 pm MDT

A City of Calgary Employee wearing a mask and protected by a plexiglass shield at the Killarney Aquatic and Recreation Centre. (PHOTO: Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — As additional restrictions around COVID-19 officially come into effect in Alberta, the city reminds people that you can still go outside and have a good time — just make sure it is a safe time as well.

“Make sure that every single decision you make this weekend and for the next few weeks is made with a COVID lens,” said Mayor Naheed Nenshi. “Is it worth the risk to myself, to my family, to my neighbours and to my community?”

Nenshi said he wants people to enjoy what should be some pleasant weather but to stick to your own community for the most part and avoid gathering together in groups, even when outdoors.

There are many ways to maximize the time, including using new fire pits the city has set up that includes free firewood. https://www.calgary.ca/csps/winter-city-calgary/winter-activities/winter-fire-pits/drop-in-and-bookable-fire-pits-community-parks.html

There are also lots of parks and skating rinks to use, such as the Olympic Plaza rink downtown. However, you do still have to be aware of capacity limits and don’t be surprised if you have to wait a bit to get on the ice.

“Olympic Plaza, as you will see, now has a fence, and we’re restricting access. Of course, it’s free and open to everyone, but there’s only a few people that can be there at a time,” Nenshi said.

There is extra staff on-site to make sure that it is an orderly process, and the city will also explore options to open up more spaces to let people spread out, like when some roads were closed in the summer months.

With the holiday shopping season also upon us, there was another call to focus your shopping efforts on local businesses. To help out with it, there will be an additional perk to facilitate with curbside pickup and takeout.

“Effective today, there will be 15 minutes free on-street parking in Calgary’s business improvement areas and business revitalization zones,” said Calgary Emergency Management Agency Chief Tom Sampson.

You can use the Calgary Parking smartphone app to book a session when you park, and as long as you end the session within 15 minutes, you will not be charged.