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Three men now running for mayor in 2021 election

Last Updated Nov 18, 2020 at 12:03 pm MDT

Businessman Brad Field announced he plans to run for Mayor of Calgary in the Oct. 2021 election. (CREDIT: Brad Field, Facebook)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The race to be Calgary’s mayor in 2021 just got bigger as a third person has thrown his hat into the ring.

Local businessman Brad Field is the third person to announce his intention to run for mayor of Calgary.

“Calgary was built by dreamers, doers, and risk-takers”, said Field in a release. “This city doesn’t know the word can’t. Through all of the hardships the city has endured, I’ve held strong to the vision of what Calgary represents and what it CAN be. That’s the spirit I want to bring back to City Hall.”

Field said the city needs new leadership now more than ever, and he launched a report card in September grading the city on several factors.

He gave them a “B” when it came to dealing with the pandemic, but taxation gets an “F”, while community safety received a “C.”

Field is an entrepreneur and president of the BRC Group, a company specializing in commercial vehicle repair and refurbishment.

“In the past few years, the city has tried to drive a wedge between business and people. The reality is, there is no business without the people, we’re one and the same,” said Field.

Last month, Ward 11 Councillor Jeromy Farkas announced he was running for the mayor’s chair next year.

While details of his platform haven’t been released, Farkas is asking people to “help unleash Calgary’s potential,” saying council has fallen short.

Meanwhile, another candidate who is running for mayor is Teddy Ogbonna, the founder of Youth for Transparency International.

Ogbonna said his vision is to reduce taxes and give business more tax incentives.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who has served in the role for ten years has yet to confirm if he is running for a fourth term.

The next municipal election is set for Oct. 18, 2021.