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Alberta still not signed up for federal COVID-19 tracing app

Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro. (PHOTO: Tom Ross, 660 NEWS)

EDMONTON (660 NEWS) – Alberta still has not signed up for the federal COVID-19 tracing app, even though cases are rising, and many other provinces have joined.

The opposition NDP is being critical of the government for this and also calling for the province to hire more than 1,000 additional contact tracers.

When asked if he would sign on to the app during question period at the legislature, Health Minister Tyler Shandro said, “no.”

“We have a COVID tracing app, and we’re in discussions with the federal government on how their app can also be used to supplement our response to COVID in Alberta.”

“Our app actually did help our contact tracers be able to do their work quicker and fast. It’s unfortunate to see the honourable pizza-gate member continue with his conspiracy theories.”

The NDP says that the provincial app was a failure, as it did not work for many people, coming at the cost of over $600,000 to develop.