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Calgary police officer explains why he doesn't wear a mask

Last Updated Oct 21, 2020 at 8:40 am MST

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – An on-duty officer working inside Chinook Mall in Calgary during a sparsely attended anti-mask protest explains why he doesn’t wear a mask.

The video now getting a lot of attention with Calgary police saying their policy is clear and the incident is being reviewed.

“I have no problem telling you guys I have asthma. It (also) becomes a mental game of claustrophobia. With my face, nose, mouth, is covered,” said the officer in the video.

CityNews has decided to blur the officer’s face in the video as it appears it was filmed without the officer’s knowledge.

It was posted to Instagram by Calgary Events a few days after.

“I’m breathing back in when I’m exhaling. My breath gets shorter. My breathing increases,” the officer explains. “My heart rate increases so, therefore, that to me, that’s a medical condition. It doesn’t have to be diagnosed.

Meanwhile, the Calgary Police Service said it… “requires members to wear a face-covering during all interactions with the public, as well as while in public indoor spaces. As with all policies, exemptions exist for medical conditions. The incident in question is currently being reviewed.”

Police forces’ policies vary from city to city and province to province and Calgary Police are continuing to work with provincial health officials to ensure their members and the public are protected from COVID-19, adding they’re doing their part to reduce exposures of this virus.