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Calgary council calling for more help for northeast residents as winter approaches

Last Updated Oct 13, 2020 at 6:46 am MST

CALGARY (CityNews) – Calgary’s weather took a turn this holiday weekend as a mix of snow and rain came down in parts of the city.

The onset of winter weather is especially concerning to one community. Calgary’s northeast was ravaged by hail in June earlier this year.

Four months later, the majority of homes are still not repaired, according to the city.

Jas Dhillon lives in Saddleridge and says not only was his home damaged by the storm, but he didn’t receive the amount of money needed to fully repair it from his insurance company.

“The vinyl is already ripped off. I am scared about the snow getting into the vinyl, and then having more damage on the house,” said Dhillon.

Dhillon says he’s also running into other issues as winter rapidly approaches, such as a shortage of materials and contractors that won’t work in the winter.

The storm is estimated by city council to cost $1.5 billion. It’s the fourth costliest weather event in Canadian history.

Now, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and Calgary’s city councillors are calling on other levels of government to step in and provide assistance for the affected residents.

Councillor George Chahal says that insurance companies are not stepping up.

“Insurance companies have been slow in supporting people. We’ve seen out of the 70,000 claims, less than 50 per cent of those claims being closed. Many of those residents have a significant amount of uncertainty.”

Chahal says he recognizes the complexities of the situation, but says solutions need to be found so families can feel safe as the cold makes its way to Calgary.

“As winter is coming and it’s getting cold, there are many homes with broken windows and damaged siding. I have a deep concern for those families.”

The province has said it would cover costs of overland flooding, but that the hail damage is up to the insurance companies.