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Survey reveals strong support for police in Alberta

A municipal police force on patrol. (CREDIT: Angus Reid Institue)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – As the province looks to replace the RCMP with its own police force, a new study shows Albertans have warm perceptions of the police.

The poll, conducted by Angus Reid shows Alberta and Saskatchewan have the highest numbers of people who fall under a “true blue” category, meaning they have strong feelings of support and pride towards their police forces.

About three-quarters of those surveyed view the police in their community favourably, despite concerns about how officers have treated some demographics.

When it came to local police forces, 72 per cent view them as a source of pride, with Regina, Calgary and Edmonton having the highest amount of support across the country.

About 75 per cent of all Canadian respondents said they had a favourable view of their police, regardless of whether it was RCMP or a provincial or municipal force.

However, some provinces, like Ontario which have their own police force aren’t showing the same support for the service.

Only 21 per cent of respondents supported the police with 33 per cent calling for a move to defund the force.

According to the survey, true blue supporters are older, more conservative, and wealthier, while visible minorities generally feel less secure when police are around and don’t have as favourable feelings towards them.

The poll found 24 per cent of visible minorities and 21 per cent of Indigenous peoples had a less than favourable view of the police in their community.

The survey comes just two days after the Alberta government announced it was moving forward with a study to review the possibility of transition away from the RCMP.

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The Alberta Provincial Police was one of many subjects that received feedback from the United Conservatives Fair Deal Panel last year which looked at ways to create more autonomy for Alberta.