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From hail damage to COVID-19, Calgary man shares tough car buying journey

Last Updated Oct 8, 2020 at 1:39 pm MDT

CALGARY (CityNews) – From the hail storm driving up demand to parts shortages because of COVID-19, finding a new car has become such a challenge for one Calgarian.

It’s been months since the hail storm ripped through Calgary’s northeast, many still dealing with the aftermath that damaged not just their homes but their cars too.

“It was really bad actually. My SUV had $25,000 in damage and it was all cosmetic. The windshield was gone, the sunroof was smashed and dents all over,” saidĀ Karmjit Khamba.

He’s started looking for a replacement car for his family but found it tough looking for a minivan new or used that was within his budget.

“Because of the damage, the dealership had less vehicles, and anyone selling used they were bumping up their prices. I searched here, searched Edmonton, started going out to Kelowna and I did find it in Burnaby, B.C.”

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“Right now, there is a shortage and the supply will stay tight at least until January next year,” said George Iny with the Automobile Protection Association.

Iny says manufacturers lost production in the spring because of COVID-19 interruptions and with the uptick of consumers buying, it’s made it harder to look for a car.

“If you’re looking for a new vehicle you will find a vehicle but it may not be the vehicle you want.”

Iny encourages car shoppers to just be patient.

For Khamba, a father of four, he’s relieved to cross another item off the list of things damaged in the hail storm.

“We are getting there, still settling some of the house insurance stuff, the windows are done. We’re getting there.”