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'How are you feeling?': Counselling centre encourages you to check-in

Last Updated Oct 5, 2020 at 8:12 am MDT

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CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The Calgary Counselling Centre is urging people to check in on their mental health as they deal with the effects of the pandemic and downturn of the economy.

Though the National Depression Screening Day is on Thursday, the centre’s annual test to see how you are doing is online all week.

Director of Counselling Initiatives Cathy Keough said it is crucial to check in on your mental health, especially with how tough 2020 has been.

“We’ve got mental health, we’ve got economic concerns and then we often have family challenges as well, with school, with work, with balance, with either isolation or too much contact. It’s one of those years that’s different than any other year.”

She said about half of the people who are struggling with depression aren’t aware they are.

“Although we talk about like we know what we’re talking about, it presents 213 different symptoms. People can be talking about somethings that are very, very similar. The test will have 10 items that tend to be pretty common but then there can be all kinds of other symptoms or challenges or struggles.”

She added the test, which is available in five different languages can be done in about four minutes on your phone. tablet or desktop and is completely confidential.

A recent survey by the Health Quality Council of Alberta found that more than 70 per cent of people polled have experienced some form of mental health impact during the pandemic.

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Many of those surveyed have found it hard to manage stress, anxiety and depression leading to difficulty sleeping and bouts of loneliness.