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'Safe and scary' Halloween possible this year, Hinshaw says

Photo: trick or treat candy halloween candy (iStock Photo)

EDMONTON (660 NEWS) — Alberta will not be cancelling Halloween over COVID-19 fears.

Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Deena Hinshaw said during her Thursday COVID-19 update she had no plans to cancel Halloween and that it is actually safer to celebrate than other holidays.

“Unlike Thanksgiving for example, where families traditionally gather inside to have dinner together, most of Halloween’s activities take place outdoors,” Hinshaw said.

However, modifications for the spookiest time of year will need to be made as the pandemic continues.

Health officials released guidance on how to celebrate the day safely. This includes wearing a mask, avoiding touching doorbells or railings, use hand sanitizer after touching surfaces, and call “trick or treat” from two metres away.

“We have created a page with tips and advice on how you and your family can enjoy a Halloween that is still fun and scary but for the right reasons.

“If you’re handing out candy wear a mask and if the weather is warm enough consider handing out treats outside on your driveway or front lawn,” Hinshaw said.

For Halloween parties, you’re asked to host it outdoors, if weather permits, or choose a location that allowed for physical distancing.

Sharing food drinks, cigarettes, vapes or cannabis is still not recommended.

“The safest way to ensure we have a safe Thanksgiving, Halloween and school year is to limit community transmission.

More details on how to have a safe Halloween can be found here.