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A group of teens surprise Airdrie RCMP officers with gift cards

Last Updated Sep 22, 2020 at 1:12 pm MST

Two Airdrie RCMP officers show the Tim's cards that were left as a thank you gift by a group of teens. (CREDIT: Airdrie RCMP)

AIRDRIE (660 NEWS) – Some RCMP officers in Airdrie were caught by surprise by a group of teenagers last week.

The officers were heading to their cars to respond to a call when they noticed the group milling about in the parking lot.

When the RCMP asked what they were doing, they found the teens placing Tim Horton’s cards under the wipers of the RCMP vehicles as a thank you to the officers who protect them.

Officers did not get the names of the teens but want them to know this generous act was appreciated.