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Filmmaker says John Ware's story echoes today's racial issues

Last Updated Sep 17, 2020 at 6:29 am MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Five years in the making, the film John Ware Reclaimed is debuting at the Calgary International Film Festival.

The film follows Cheryl Foggo as she attempts to discover the true history of John Ware, a Black cowboy who settled in the Alberta area during the early era of the ranching industry.

She says she could never have predicted a release at a time where racial issues were more apparent.

“The grief that was shared about George Floyd was not my first and very sadly will not be my last. So all my work is always timely.”

She says the true story behind John Ware wasn’t so easy to discover.

“There’s a lot of stuff tied up in the mythology of John Ware that he wouldn’t appreciate.”

However, the story she did uncover could more than apply today.

“History isn’t there so we can be nostalgic or think about the past. It’s there to tell us about our lives today.”

It’s the official pick of the film festival. In-theatre screenings are already sold out but streaming tickets are still available.

-With files from CityNews