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City asking for Calgarians opinions on E-Scooters

Last Updated Sep 17, 2020 at 6:32 am MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The City of Calgary’s E-Scooter pilot program comes to an end in about one month.

Now the city is looking for your input on the two-year program.

That includes opinions from both users and non-users on where people can use the scooter, the behaviour of people using them, the reasons for using them, and the operators in the city.

An online survey is being conducted until Oct. 7.

Andrew Sedor with the city says they have already made changes to the program based on feedback.

“The biggest complaint this year, over 50 per cent, has been about parking, so people leaving their scooters in the middle of the sidewalk,” he said.

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“So, we’ve actually worked with the companies to start issuing fines for people who leave their scooters in the middle of the sidewalk or somewhere they shouldn’t. So far, we’ve handed out 98 fines.”

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The results of the survey will be posted later in the year, and will be reviewed by the Transportation and Transit Committee in mid-December.

Since the pilot program began in Oct. 2018, Calgarians have taken 1.7 million rides on scooters, which are provided by Lime, Bird Canada, and Roll.