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Penguin hatches from cracked egg with help from zoo staff

Last Updated Jul 31, 2020 at 8:46 am MST

A look at a baby king penguin who hatched at the Calgary Zoo on July 18, 2020. CREDIT: Calgary Zoo)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Staff at the Calgary Zoo had to think quick after a penguin egg cracked before hatching.

Staff noticed the king penguin egg was cracked after its mother Grace waddled away and it rolled down the beach at Penguin Plunge and into some rocks.

The veterinary team carefully patched the significantly cracked shell and placed the egg into an electronic egg incubator in the hopes of saving the baby penguin’s life.

Several days later, the baby penguin started hatching from the egg and thanks to help from staff was able to come free.

This is the second time the animal care team at the Calgary Zoo has had to scoop up a king penguin egg to save one of the fuzzy baby birds.

The baby has been reunited with its parents Grace and Solomon and visitors are able to see the little one in the Penguin Plunge.