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Calgary council to discuss mandatory masks on Monday

Last Updated Jul 19, 2020 at 10:34 am MDT

Mayor Naheed Nenshi wears a mask while speaking to the media at City Hall on Thursday, July 16, 2020. (PHOTO: Tom Ross, 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Wearing a mask may become mandatory in Calgary, as city council will discuss the idea on Monday.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi says he’s spoken with the premier over masks several times, and Premier Jason Kenney is very pro-mask but he’s reportedly nervous about a province mandate to wear them as some municipalities have very low infection and transmission rates.

Nenshi saying the premier has asked municipalities to figure it out.

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“I want to remind people that it’s not ‘wear a mask for the economy,’ it’s ‘wear a mask to save the economy,’” said Nenshi Friday morning.

“Wear a mask to insure public health, because if people don’t do it, they don’t do those three things- physical distancing, good hygiene, wearing a mask, when the second wave comes we’ll have to shut down again, and none of us want that.”

The mayor feels transit needs mandatory masks immediately and a discussion about other indoor spaces that may need it too.

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“When you are indoors and you cannot be guaranteed that you are going to be two metres away from everybody at all times, you gotta cover your mouth and nose,” Nenshi said.

He points to the two areas of Calgary placed on the COVID-19 watch list, saying masks wearing rates are really low–especially on 17 Ave. southwest.