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Siksika Nation investigating over 250 people for possible COVID-19 cases

Siksika First Nation on Facebook

CALGARY (660NEWS) — Siksika Nation is dealing with a spike of possible COVID-19 infections after the number of active investigations increased to 258.

On June 27, there were only 58 people who were being investigated.

“This number has more than quadrupled in the last three days,” Chief Ouray Crowfoot said in a Facebook video Thursday.

The health services team has identified five new unrelated case clusters within the last 12 days, Crowfoot added.

There are currently 21 known positive COVID-19 cases linked to Siksika; however, Crowfoot believes the number of those impacted is much higher.

There are nine active cases currently on the reserve and 87 individuals or households in isolation, 11 of which are outside of Siksika.

Crowfoot encourages people not to travel throughout the nation and stay in contact with family and friends while maintaining physical distancing.

“It is understandable that people may feel anxious regarding this current situation, but if we continue to stay vigilant to the public health measures and do our best to limit travel and avoid gatherings, we have a chance to slow down spread on our nation,” he said.

Anyone in Siksika having trouble dealing with anxiety or emotional stress can call 403-734-5660, 9 a.m. – 9 p.m., 7 days/week to speak with a Siksika Health Services Mental Health Therapist.