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City committee recommends new fees to offset property tax revenue

Last Updated Jun 30, 2020 at 9:02 am MST

A shot of outside Calgary City Hall on Feb 18, 2020. (PHOTO: Saif Kaisar, 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – If the recommendations from a City Hall committee ever see the light of day, we could be paying a lot more in municipal fees but less in property taxes.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, the Financial Task Force brought forward a list of over 30 new fees that would make the city less reliant on property taxes.

The long list would affect things like entertainment, hospitality, fuel, parking and home-based businesses and a possible municipal sales tax.

The task force says new fees would make the city less dependant on property taxes as the main source of revenue.

So far, it is only a recommendation but council did vote 12-3 to accept the report from the task force and look at the recommendations further.

Councillors Jeromy Farkas, Sean Chu and Joe Magliocca voted against the report.

The city says commercial tax base has shrivelled up in recent years due to the downturn in the energy sector and low oil prices.

The group Common Sense Calgary has already taken steps to oppose the recommendations, posting a petition on its website saying “enough is enough”.

The City Hall watchdog believes this move is “once again, the fault of an out-of-control Council that has no plan other than making you pay more.”