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Coyotes making northwest Calgary community their new home

Last Updated Jun 25, 2020 at 6:31 am MDT

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Calgary conservation authority is closely monitoring a family of coyotes currently denning near a path in Evanston after receiving reports of aggressive behaviour.

While they may look cute, many of the coyotes in Calgary are aggressive this time of year because they are trying to keep their pups safe.

Due to people being shut in for a couple of months because of COVID-19, coyotes took the opportunity to create dens in areas that are normally populated.

Because of this, professor of geography at the University of Calgary Dr. Shelley Alexander warns that people need to be careful if they find themselves near a den.

“Coyotes will usually give some warning signs around that they’ll be coming out and try to escort people out of the area before there’s any kind of event,” she said.

It’s currently denning season for coyotes and because people have been absent due COVID-19 the animals have chosen normally populated areas.

“We have been absent from a lot of areas and so coyotes have denned in areas where people are absent due to the COVID restrictions,” Alexander said.

“At exactly this time, the pups are coming out of the den, that’s when we’re starting to intensively use these areas,” she added.

Urban Conservation Lead with Calgary Parks Chris Manderson says they are currently watching a family in Evanston and have been using a practice called hazing to try and force them to move.

“Using noise and a little bit of aggression to re-instill a fear coyotes naturally have of humans,” Manderson said.

“Typically, we’ll move their pups to different dens two, three, four times a season,” he added.

People need to be aware to keep their distance from dens and to keep their dogs on a tight leash to prevent any aggressive action.