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Two people dead after southern, central Mexico hit by big earthquake

Last Updated Jun 23, 2020 at 1:58 pm MST

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Mexico's southern state of Oaxaca has been rocked by a large earthquake

Mexico's National Seismological Service has measured the earthquake at a magnitude of 7.1

At least two people have been killed

MEXICO CITY (NEWS 1130) – Mexico’s southern and central regions have been rocked by a powerful earthquake, killing at least two people and sending thousands more into the streets.

Readings vary, but Mexico’s National Seismological Service reported it as a 7.1 magnitude earthquake. The U.S. Geological Survey’s readings put it at 7.4.

According to the USGS, the quake was centered near the resort town of Huatulco along Mexico’s southern Pacific coast at a depth of 26 kilometres. The epicentre was about 12 kilometres from Santa Maria Zapotitlan.

In Huatulco, a laid-back beach destination known for surfing and small protected coves, the earthquake knocked goods off shelves and some rubble from buildings.

A powerful earthquake has rocked the central and southern areas of Mexico. (Courtesy USGS)

Mari González of the Princess Mayev hotel in Huatulco said staff and guests were able to evacuate the building before the quake, but that 45 minutes after the initial quake they were still outside as strong aftershocks continued.

“It was strong, very strong,” she said.

González said there was some visible broken glass and mirrors, but no major damage. The staff was waiting for the aftershocks to dissipate before fully evaluating the property.

Local news media reported damage to some buildings in the state capital, Oaxaca city. State officials said they were looking for damage.

The USGS estimated that some 2 million people felt strong or moderate shaking and another 49 million felt weak or light shaking across Mexico, as well as in Guatemala.