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‘A cheap insult’: says Nenshi following controversial tweet from W. Brett Wilson

Last Updated Jun 4, 2020 at 6:05 pm MDT

(PHOTO: Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Mayor Naheed Nenshi is speaking out after Canadian businessman W. Brett Wilson posted to twitter Wednesday saying Nenshi only won his election because of the votes from the northeast.

In a response on twitter Thursday, Nenshi said it was a cheap insult.

Nenshi states he won 12 of 14 wards, including the area where Wilson lives.

“A, its factually wrong, B it implies even if it were wrong that people who are not white votes should count less, maybe it should count three fifths as much if you catch that reference,” said Nenshi. “Or that they should vote at all, that they don’t deserve to vote, that they are not real Canadians.”

Nenshi adds Wilson has a problematic past of making hateful statements.

“When the newspaper article was written today (Thursday) they talked about how much money he gives to charity, not about the content of his statements. That’s also casual racism and we have to figure out how we get that out of our system, so it does not affect our system even more.”

Also commenting on the Black Lives Matter movement, Nenshi says it’s a big step that everyone needs to take is acknowledging that systemic discrimination like this exists in our society.

Andrew Phung who stars on the show ‘Kim’s Convenience’ says the comments are terrible and offensive.

Phung adds he will no longer host events run by any non-profit organizations that receive money from Wilson.

Wilson has since apologized for the tweet saying “Yesterday (Wednesday) I posted a thoughtless and inflammatory tweet about the 2017 Calgary municipal election that upset Mayor Nenshi and many others.”

“I apologize without reservation.”

The apology goes on to say, “My track record of support for Canada’s many forms of diversity is very strong.”