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Thousands march downtown in support of Black Lives Matter

Last Updated Jun 2, 2020 at 8:41 am MST

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Thousands of Calgarians marched to City Hall to show solidarity with Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the U.S.

The haunting last words of George Floyd echoed through downtown Calgary with many shouting slogans like “No justice, no peace. No racist police”, “Black lives matter” and “We want change”.

Hundreds gathered at the Riverwalk in East Village, with hundreds more joining on the walk to City Hall.


While many daytime protests remain peaceful, some watching what’s happening in the U.S. say they understand why things are escalating.

One man who attended the rally pointed to the scars he said he received from being handcuffed by Peace Officers for skating on a CTrain platform.

He said watching the video of Floyd’s arrest, made him think back to being handcuffed with his face down on an officer’s vehicle. He’s hoping that won’t happen to anyone else.

“For me, I got off lucky. Not everybody gets off lucky. George Floyd didn’t get off lucky.”

Calgary police were on hand to ensure the rally remained peaceful and many in attendance believe officers were doing the right thing in allowing them to speak their mind peacefully.

-With files from Crystal Laderas, CityNews