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Rules around pop-up patios causing headaches for some pedestrians

Last Updated May 28, 2020 at 11:35 am MDT

A look at the extended patio at Trolley 5 on 17th Avenue in Calgary. (CREDIT: @iammrfabulous, Twitter)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Pop-up patios are now open in Calgary’s dining and entertainment zones but the changes meant to make it easier for people to social distance are also creating some new problems.

The city recently eased the rules for restaurants meaning they can extend their patios to parts of the sidewalk and the street.

However, one passerby wasn’t happy with the patio at Trolley 5 on 17 Ave.

In a post on Twitter, Mr.Fab said he saw pedestrians walking into traffic just to get by because of the patio extension.

Owner of Trolley 5 Ernie Tsu said they’re following the guidelines set out by the city and any concerns with their patio space are being addressed.

“I see where this is a little bit of concern because there’s a little bit of a jigsaw for our neighbours next door so that their customers can get up for retail curbside.”

“This has been mapped out by the city and we’ll hope that roads (department) can come by and take a look and try to improve it as we go along.”

WATCH: City approves temporary patio expansions

However, Tsu admits a bigger challenge might be getting diners to keep their distance.

“I’d have to say that’s been the largest struggle is just making sure that people, unless they’re going to the bathroom, are staying situated at their table and not moving around.”

Tsu added it could be difficult for restaurants and patios into what might be the warmest weekend yet since COVID-19 restrictions were eased.

Earlier this month city council unanimously approved a plan to allow restaurants to expand their patios as food establishments can only open at 50 per cent capacity.

The city focused on high-traffic communities including 17 Ave, Inglewood, Kensington and Marda Loop for this plan.