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Ring missing for six years unearthed under football field

(PHOTO: Tom Ross - 660 NEWS)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The year was 1999 and head Coach Rick Puttick had led his UFA Bisons Midget hockey team to the top echelon, winning the championship at the Mac’s Midget AAA Tournament.

To commemorate such a successful season, Puttick earned a ring with lettering to remember his team that year.

However, fourteen years later, the ring was taken.

“It was stolen in April of 2014. We had our home broken into and it disappeared with a lot of other valuables,” said Puttick.

Skip forward another six years to this past weekend, and metal detector hobbyist Chris MacDonald gets a ping about four inches under the football field of Forest Lawn High School.

He quickly finds a ring uniquely emblazoned with the unique lettering and was determined to find the original owner.

“The thing about that ring is that it has a lot of distinguishing features. It has the name Rick on it, it has 1999, and it says Mac’s AAA Tournament Champions. It also had the team name on it.”

Puttick was delighted to have his ring back.

“It’s quite a pleasant surprise.”

MacDonald says he would have done it just for the right reasons but was grateful to be treated to some coffee.

“He actually asked me if I wanted a reward. I said (…) I don’t need any reward. He insisted that I take $20 and go to Tim Hortons and get a large coffee.”