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Canadian Pacific puts biggest grain train on rails to B.C

Last Updated May 15, 2020 at 6:28 pm MDT

CP's Largest Ever Grain Train (CREDIT: Paterson Grain)

BOWDEN (660 NEWS) – The biggest load of grain from Paterson Grain has been shipped out west.

“We celebrate with Paterson the largest “Origin Grain unit train” ever launched,” said Keith Creel, CP’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

The train consisted of 167 new high capacity hopper cars. It was loaded at Paterson’s Foothills Terminal located in Bowden.

“Our new third-generation grain terminals are amongst the most efficient grain facilities in the world today,” said Andrew Paterson, Paterson’s President and Chief Executive Officer.

In total, 16,313 metric tonnes of grain was transported to Alliance Grain Terminal in Vancouver B.C.

“From the producer to the supplier to the end-use customer, our system can process and ship grain to exceed expectations,” added Paterson.

It took less than 14 hours to fully load the train, and once the shipment was ready to go it took less than four days to reach AGT.

“We applaud Paterson’s continued efforts to lead progressively to new levels of production capacity in the grain supply chain,” said Creel.