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Calgarians finding unique ways to gather as they avoid distancing guidelines

Last Updated Apr 22, 2020 at 2:43 pm MDT

CALGARY (CITYNEWS) — Parking lots and streets are the new playground for some people bored and looking for something to do during the pandemic.

A street in Crescent Heights with a picturesque view of the city is a popular gathering place for teenagers and young adults with no place to go.

Some stay in their car’s seat — a safe distance away — others crowd in groups enjoying the warm weather.

Infectious Diseases Physician Vanessa Meier-Stephenson with the Cumming School of Medicine said relaxing our boundaries could undo weeks of public health measures.

“Even though we think we may have followed these measures to the T, there are still cases and scenarios where we just don’t know whether or not we may have had some form of interaction whether from an individual through a conversation, whether through a fomite so an inanimate object that could be holding the virus,” Meier-Stephenson said.

“As soon as we do one slip up, it’s not with just one individual but it may actually be with 10 individuals. So, we’re actually increasing our chance of having an exposure,” she added.

Now that we are weeks into public health measures, she says if rules are going to be relaxed, it will happen slowly so officials can pump the brakes again if there’s a jump in cases.