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Notley calls for further government action amid COVID-19 precautions

Last Updated Apr 8, 2020 at 6:27 pm MDT

Opposition Leader Rachel Notley responded to Jason Kenney's address Wednesday, April 8th. (Credit: Livestream, April 8th)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – In response to Premier Jason Kenney’s address Wednesday, Opposition Leader Rachel Notley said more must be done to stop the spread and lessen the economic impact of COVID-19.

Firstly, Notley reiterated the need to continue following AHS guidelines regarding social distancing and self-isolation.

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“That is the only way to avoid the most extreme scenario that was presented.”

However, she said the UCP must plan for the worst-case scenario, not the best.

Notley said the government needs to make further efforts to protect those most at risk, particularly those in senior centres.

She said the staff shortages must be addressed and that the province must ban staff members from working in more than one centre to stop possible contamination.

“This government cannot keep sitting on the sidelines hoping that others make better choices.”

In addition, she said more must be done to protect frontline workers.

“We can’t expect our healthcare workers to be heroes for us if we don’t protect them.”

She added that the government must be open about possible PPE shortages.

On the economic front, Notely stated that the government must reopen EI for Albertans facing financial hardships as a result of the virus.

“EI is not enough. Not when Albertans are now looking at months of this uncertainty.”

Notley then asked for a clear priority list regarding testing to prohibit queue-jumping.

Lastly, she said that for Alberta to jump back from the economic crash COVID-19 has brought, diversifying the economy is an absolute need.