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National Music Centre lays off over half of work force


CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Around 77 per cent of those who work for the National Music Centre have been laid off due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

“Regrettably, this news is especially difficult for a charitable organization like NMC, as our earned revenues temporarily cease, our fundraising revenues become further compromised during the city and province’s declared Public Health Emergency, and the economic impacts that continue to affect donors and sponsors,” President and CEO Andrew Mosker said.

Those who work for NMC and are eligible to continue receiving employee benefits, will continue doing so.

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While it is a heartbreaking move for the family of the NMC, once everything blows over, those who were laid off are likely to be invited back.

“We find ourselves in very challenging and unprecedented times, but one thing we know for certain is that Studio Bell will reopen eventually, and we will recall NMC staff back to work and our dedicated crew of volunteers when the time is right,” Mosker said.

Mosker added he knows that even when the doors of the building are closed, the music will continue to live on across the world.

“We have always believed that music heals. Thus, for the duration of this global crisis we’ll continue to tell the story of music in Canada and bring people together in a different way. We’ll keep amplifying the love, sharing, and understanding of music and remain focused on its power to positively move our community forward.”