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Wellspring Calgary takes to the web

Wellspring Calgary has taken their operation online in order to continue offering their services to those who need them during the COVID-19 pandemic. (CREDIT: https://www.facebook.com/WellspringCalgary)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The COVID-19 pandemic is making life complicated for almost everyone in the world and that rings especially true for those diagnosed with cancer.

Many businesses have been forced to suspend their services to prevent further spread of the virus.

Wellspring Calgary was one of the organizations feeling the pinch but, instead of closing their doors to members, they took to the web to offer their services online.

“On Monday after we suspended programs, we got our programs online via zoom. That wasn’t something we had done before, but our team knew that we needed to continue to bring our community together.”

They are now offering one-on-one calls, meditation recordings, and a blog where people can share their experiences.

Program director Sheena Clifford says it was a big step for their staff and members to take but it has worked out.

“We were kind of worried. Some of our members are not comfortable with technology I would have to say, and some of our staff as well, but everyone has been really open. Our staff has jumped on this learning curve and now are helping members with technical support which maybe a week ago we would have never imagined we would’ve been doing.”

Since the leap to online, Wellspring Calgary has been looking to expand its services to southern Alberta.