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Calgary Counselling Centre goes remote

Last Updated Mar 23, 2020 at 5:22 pm MDT

The Calgary Counselling Centre is available to anyone experiencing a wide range of emotions during the COVID-19 pandemic. (CREDIT: Facebook.com/calgarycounsellingcentre)

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Calgarians may be experiencing a wide range of feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Calgary Counselling Centre wants everyone to know they are still here to help.

The situation has forced them to change practices slightly, notably by making all of their services remote to follow physical distancing guidelines.

It’s a change that had been mulled over for some time, but the pandemic forced them to speed it up. However, this is not changing their service level.

“We’re all in it together,” said Director of Counselling Cathy Keough. “We’re feeling that at the Centre. It’s actually been really inspiring.”

Keough said staff have been stepping up and adapting to the shift by ensuring nobody falls through the cracks, and clients are also being very cooperative and helpful by notifying the Centre if there are any problems.

At this time, many Albertans may be focusing on their immediate needs such as going to the grocery store, and some issues may arise in the coming weeks.

“It can feel like there’s a lot that isn’t in personal control at this point in time,” said Keough.

“Especially when we’re talking about physical distancing, looking after the mental health needs to stay connected. Remember that we are very, very social in our lives and our interactions and we need to tend to those but in safe ways.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed or you cannot take your mind off of the situation, then you may want to consider reaching out for help.

You can contact the Counselling Centre online and register for counselling.

Keough stressed that no matter what, you should not feel ashamed.

“We want people to know that this is treatable, that there’ll be issues that will resolve, that people have been hit very, very differently in our city and our province. But we don’t judge anybody’s challenges or concerns, they are all valid.”