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Could the Emergency Measures Act be enacted?

horizontal background woman in isolation at home for virus outbreak or hypochondria .

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The Emergency Measures Act, formerly the War Measures Act, is the act of having special measures taken to ensure the safety of people during national emergencies.

The Canadian government has already been doing that, to an extent, but what happens if that act is enacted?

In simple terms, it would force those who are sick to stay home, away from the public, no questions asked.

But is that constitutional?

“I have very little doubt that if there is a reasonable ground for ordering somebody, whether it be for his or her protection or protection of the public, to stay inside their home, it would be reasonable,” Human Rights Lawyer Julius Grey said.

Grey says he believes it is constitutional as long as the government ensures you have the help you need and don’t “confine you to a dungeon.”

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Grey added that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has certain bypasses, in certain circumstances, and he considers ensuring the safety of everyone to be reasonable.

“Absolutely,” Grey responded when asked if he believes the COVID-19 pandemic is a reasonable reason to call for the Emergency Measures Act.

But he says the reason it hasn’t?

“They haven’t needed to, I don’t think people are violating anything, and you can’t confine everybody, it would totally paralyze society if everybody had to stay inside right now,” Grey said.

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Now, there has yet to be any wide-spread speculation on if the government would go forward with such a measure.

Grey says when it comes to something that isn’t political such as this disease, playing it on the safe side will never be a bad option.

“I would be tempted to trust the authorities and if they go overboard it’ll be in good faith.”