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Across-the-street photography providing some family fun during social distancing

A family sits on the bed of their truck in Nanton as Lori Loree takes photos across the street. (CREDIT: Lori Loree)

NANTON (660 NEWS) — People continue to find ways to put a positive spin on the unfortunate circumstances around the world today, and that stands true in a small town in southern Alberta.

Lori Loree lives in Nanton and has decided she’s going to spend her social distancing time doing what she loves, photography.

But, she’s doing it in a way that provides some fun for those who are staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Loree is walking through Nanton taking photos of family’s, in total social-distancing style, from across the street.

“So, it allowed me to go out and see people at a distance and photograph them with what they’re dealing with as a family or as a household and it allowed everybody to think of a fun way of projecting themselves and showing who they really are and having a little bit fun in photos,” Loree said.

Loree just began the Nanton Project Friday and has already begun receiving tons of requests from families to stop by their sidewalk to take fun photos of them.


The project is one that Loree hopes others will be inspired by and will allow families to continue to practice being safe, while also getting out and having a little fun.