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COVID-19 could cause the Calgary Stampede to be canceled in 2020

Last Updated Mar 18, 2020 at 8:54 pm MST

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — The Calgary Stampede has survived nearly everything. From the 2013 floods in Calgary, to World War 2 when there were still parades for the event, the show has always gone on.

But, 2020 could be different.

COVID-19 has shut down many corners of the world over the last few weeks, with no end in sight.

As gatherings are forced to get smaller and smaller and concern over the disease grows, it might be time to prepare for the Calgary Stampede to take a year off.

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There has only been a few times in the city’s history when the Stampede didn’t go forward, dating back to 1886.

From 1920 – 1923 there was no event as Canada was in a recession.

Even before that, from 1918 – 1920, not even an influenza outbreak could bring the horses to a halt.

The Calgary Stampede even marched on with the 1919 Victory Stampede following World War 1. Yes, it also ran through that war too.

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“We remain committed to working towards a Stampede 2020, but just like the rest of our community, every day brings a level of uncertainty and change and so our plans are obviously subject to those and how the community, the province and the world reacts to COVID-19,” CEO of the Calgary Stampede, Warren Connell said in a previous interview.

This could possibly be the biggest challenge the event will be faced with, and it leaves a feeling of almost helplessness.

There’s nothing to fix, and no amount of money can send the virus away, but still, Calgary will hold on to hope that once July rolls around, the Calgary Stampede will be right there with it.